Obscur - Beautiful

autumn/winter 2010

autumn/winter 2009
spring/summer 2010
There is something so neat and clean about these garments yet they are so skew and raw. It is that paralell that draws me to Obscur. 

 Richard Söderberg, a Swede producing collections since 2008. The garments, the brand and the designer's intent for making, is described as being:

'a language for the creator, a language that is intended to express a certain view of the world and a reaction. A reaction to the impureness and inconsistency that surrounds us.'

The way Obscur's garments are made is through an inspiration from a dark scandinavian heritage. This heritage being both the landscape around him and music according to Obscur's website

These garments are said to be for men, but I've gotta say that I'd wear them any day!

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