A really nice part of being at home with my daughter is that I have time to make things for our household. Meaningful little gems that the family could (hopefully) hold onto, until one day when those things are handed down to the next generation.

I have over the years, run away from the concept of family, heritage, craft, nutritional, seasonal and holistic living and the idea of a comfortable home. But since having my first child, this has all changed and I nurture all of those things in a completely newfound and obsessive way.

 So my second child is about to join us (8 days to go) and I made him a little blanket that I can wrap him in and make him real snug. As Melbourne is still rugged, wet and grey and winter still has a stronghold on us. I call it the blanki, as this is a slang word for blanket in our house. 

I thought I'd share it here on the blog with you. It has a typical nordic look and feel about it, which suits well and which was a deliberate choice as I am beginning my journey to embrace and reclaim the heritage that I left 10 years back, not only for myself but to pass onto my children.

Of course, as a designer, I never really stop embracing the notion of reinventing myself and for the time being, I welcome the domestic goddess with open arms.
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