Hello dear visitor and welcome!

My name is Sophie Gustafsson Myburgh, I am a landcape architect, designer, singer and songwriter, mother, partner, phenomenologist, dreamer, wanderer, a Swede living in Australia, a serial hobbyist and liker-to-doer of a lot of things. On this blog I am immersed in all those things, as a professional and as a private person, in my opinion, the design and creative field that I am in doesn't have a clear boundary between the two.

This project originally started as a blog that followed my masters project in landscape architecture but I've realised that my scope of design interest lie deep within, on the border and far beyond those professional boundaries.   

Call me gustie is a project that aims to share ideas and work about meaningful and inspiring design and creativity and it is also a tool for me to begin crafting my own professional territories and making a small but meaningful mark in the world of making. As a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl "Miss M" and a handsome little son "Master S" I feel more and more inclined to pursue my creative endevours from a domestic and everyday perspective, working closely with the seasons, the world of my children, the life at home and the understanding of both my own (Swedish) heritage and the Australian community that my family and I live in. 
So this blog documents a variety of different design approaches, fields and professions because there are multiple practices that inspire me in my own creative endeavours. 

Hope you enjoy this. I am. And please feel free to comment with suggestions and corrections to my entries or just on the project in general.
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