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I went to yoga today. Ultimately I would've liked to be able to write that I had a nice fresh morning walk there, meeting and greeting people on the way, gazing into people's private gardens, observing the play of light, enjoying a late summer chill in the air before the heat of the day and the smoke of the city consume your senses. Well, I can't. I drove there. It is so far from where I live, it takes 20 minutes to drive. Melbourne, you are [not] magnificent in providing adequate public transport for east-west cross travelling. Instead I tuned into community radio and listneded to some jazz as I drove towards my (almost) weekly practice. I was early and had the opportunity to chit chat a bit with my teacher and she always has some nice and warm words to light up my mood.

Went through the yoga class with relative ease despite being amidst an ache running through my lower back through my butt and shooting into my thigh.

After the main bulk of the session, our teacher always asks us to relax and allow our breaths to take us to our very own special places. This, I must say, was a bit of a challenge for me as I more often than not begin an intellectual role play inside my head pondering A or B when I really should be allowing my process towards this place to guide me there. It is like design really. What have you done throughout your design process and how can this inform where you will take the project next.

The idea of my own very special spiritual place sounds great. I just don't think that I have one quite yet. 

I tried to tell myself that the place I was looking for was the forest clearing of my child hood that had flying gold particles in the air, fussy soft mounds of moss as a carpet, amidst blueberry bushes, chantarelle mushrooms and spruce trees filling the air with that musty fresh pine smell. Sure, nice place. But I am already there! As soon as I think about it, it is not about the journey there, but being there already. Where does this leave me?

Well, this morning, I spent the last 10 minutes of my yoga class, not relaxing but thinking about the fact that I wasn't allowing myself to find my spiritual place.

Next time.

Good Night
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