Functional and decorative vinyl wall stickers

As a non-home owner I've had to rethink how I decorate my home so to not end up either evicted or short on getting my rental bond deposit back from the agency because 

a. the landlord have no taste 
b. the agency want to make a quick buck. 

 (for those of you who don't know, any major and seemingly permanent alterations to a rental property need approval from landlord before being pursued in Australia, if you fail to do so you need to either rectify the modification upon moving out or pay a fee so that the landlord/agency can pay someone to do it for you. The latter is often over estimated and will end up costing you more than it should).
So therefore I cannot be bothered to do any major or seemingly permanent alterations to my rental as I know that I won't be here for that long.

birds on power lines
birch trunks

Instead, I drool over these vinyl wall stickers that can be removed from your wall and that won't leave you out of pocket, more than the cost of the stickers.

wall calendar
coat hanger

This cost can be larger if you choose to go to the Ferm Design website and buy any of their hot stickers (these are great as some of them have a function too, such as the periodic table,  calendar, chalkboards and as coat hangers).

The cost can be small if you choose to go on ebay and buy them off a South Korean company called The IUM that give you plenty of choice and deliver cheap to Australia. Up to you.

our removable nursery wall sticker

I went for the latter, left is a picture of the nursery wall that I decorated for my daugther. She loves to stare at it when I change her. Children see high contrasts in black, white and red best in the first year of their life. It was easy to assemble and I'll have to get back to you in terms of how well it comes off.

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