Productive Dystopia

From the brilliant minds behind tomorrows thoughts today, comes this video production which is an introduction to the question of how dystopia might inform the design of cities, discussed at TINAG’s Festival of Urbanism

Does Dystopia offer us a valid alternative for developing cities? 
Does the one flaw in utopia offer an insight into where urbanism can go?
How does dysfunction inform design of our cities?

These questions immediately makes me think of a quote from Bruce Mau's massive change:

design is only visible when it fails

this is about design process.

To understand emerging urbanisms, one need to understand where the planned city failed. This in a number of ways: 

01. understanding the impact of a formal design outcome, in other words, how has the formal design developed over time. How has it changed from the moment of 'completion'? (I use completion here in lack of other terms)

02. understanding the formula that was used to produce the formal design?

03. measuring failure?

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